Monday, October 17, 2016

Setting Up Employee Self Service V2 Part 7 - Testing ICS Integrations

So now we have configured all our ICS integrations and activated them.

We must now test them. Since they are REST services we can interrogate them.

In order to interrogate REST Web services we need two things.

1) A tool that can easily do the interrogation
2) The URL to be interrogated.

For 1) , download Postman ( a Chrome web app ) - this makes it very easy.

For 2)

Each Integration exposes a URL to invoke the ICS Integration.   In order to activate it, each URL is protected via Basic Authentication, so we need an ICS user and password.  ( you should have got this set up when provisioning ICS).

Getting the Integration URLs :

Within each integration, to the right of the green tick box is an (i) containing information. Click it : and copy the endpoint URL that appears.

Copy this into Postman, enter the userid and password into the Basic Authentication

If you have done everything right you should get the service Metadata in return :

Repeat this test for all the integration urls.

Once you have completed all the test, we have now checked that all the ICS integrations are end-to-ending OK, so we can now move on in the next blog post to configuring MCS.

See you soon !


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