Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Rapid Mobile Application Development and Oracle MAX

In my previous post I discussed the rise of the Citizen Developer. The tools they use, though, cannot be code-oriented; they have to offer quick applications that meet the business need.

Most applications developed now, are either "Mobile-First", or "Mobile Only"

This plus the needs of the Citizen Developer has given rise to a class of tools known as Rapid Mobile Application Development or, RMAD  for short

( Sometimes also known as "Low-Code" )

So we have a couple of goals

  • Develop "Good Enough" applications rapidly
  • increase the pool of people who can develop for mobile 

So what does an RMAD Tool look like . Oracle offer a really compelling set of Mobile Cloud services, under the banner of Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS)  and one component of this is the Oracle Mobile Application Accelerator - known as Oracle MAX

MCS lets you publish a structured set of REST services, which you can then leverage in MAX> 

MAX Requires no Code, and is developed entirely in the browser ; no Java, No javascript, No Objective-C , just drag and drop, and map services to forms 

This enables all of what we want to do as a Citizen Developer; when the time comes for deployment we can scan a QR Code on our phone and be up and running in seconds - no worrying about supporting infrastructure,  cross-platform development ( Max works for Android and IPhone ) and IT is reassured because they know you are only using the services they have provided through MCS or another API Gateway

We will talk some more in the later post about API Managers 

Here is a link to Oracle MAX Max Information and here is some  documentation on MCS https://cloud.oracle.com/en_US/opc/mobile/features

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