Tuesday, May 9, 2017

UKOUG and Oracle

So UKOUG Call for papers for the big conferences opened yesterday.

I am on the committee helping to put together Apps 17 looking at the tech components for that conference.

Also had some nice calls with Oracle in the US who are hoping we might be able to help them with some education

Its an interesting week.  Over in one of our big clients in the UK working on Oracle Cloud SAAS and PAAS

Saturday, May 6, 2017

What have i been up to this quarter

Hi folks

Apologies for not blogging for a while

It's been a few months since I posted but its been very busy with client confidential work

I've been spoken at two or three conferences (  Oracle Partner in Malaga, Northern Tech Sig ) , I've put forward some talks for Openworld ( who knows ! )  and might be accepted for the Middleware SIG  in July

I'm also on the Apps Tech committee now for UKOUG so we're looking at the state of the art and seeing what kind of presentations might reflect our members orientation

We are working closely with Oracle on the various cloud initiatives - you may not know it but Oracle have 119 cloud services ( as of writing there are 116 on cloud.oracle.com, and 3 not listed yet ( Werker, Moat and Netsuite )

So what kind of work has been going on :

Well We are recommending Engineered Systems and ODAs on the hardware side, and building solution architectures around those

we are building IAAS cloud solutions for those taking steps into the cloud

We are developing PAAS integration solutions ( ICS and MCS ) with Oracle internally, and with partners like Auraplayer

And lastly we are driving SAAS implementations with Oracle's Fusion Cloud

Out at the far end we are working with customers on IoT, Robotics/Automation, and Bots which is really cool technology

Really interesting year and we're talking to Oracle - they might want our presentations used to help other partners ( was also filmed by Oracle for some partner connect stuff last week )

so a really exciting quarter - promise to get back blogging soon.  I've submitted an article for Oracle Scene so maybe it will get picked up

See you soon

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

some insights into new features into ICS December 2016 release.

Hi folks after a quiet (!) december I've decided to go back to Blogging  !


outlines some of the new features for ICS's new release ( Integration cloud service ) .

quote :
This release of Oracle Integration Cloud Service includes two new adapters (DB2 Adapter and Oracle Logistics Adapter) and enhancements to the REST Adapter, SOAP Adapter, FTP Adapter, and Salesforce Adapter. 
Enhancements are also provided for orchestrated integrations, scheduled integrations, orchestrated integration creation options, custom adapter uploads, Expression Builder functions, XPath extension functions, exported/imported integrations, diagnostic logs, and REST APIs. 

Some of the more important ones to me : 

Orchestrated orchestrations
  • Application event or business object: uses an event or a business object to trigger the integration.
  • Schedule: uses a schedule to trigger the integration instead of an adapter.

These are really important. 

Here's some more detail about these : 

  • Application event or business object: This integration uses an event or a business object to trigger the integration. For example, you create an integration with an Oracle RightNow Adapter as a trigger and an Oracle Sales Cloud Adapter as an invoke. The Oracle RightNow Adapter subscribes to an event from the Oracle RightNow application to trigger the integration.
  • Schedule: This integration uses a schedule to trigger the integration instead of an adapter. For example, you add an initial invoke adapter to read a trigger file and a second FTP adapter to download the file for further processing. After designing this integration, you schedule when to run it. For more information, see Scheduling Integration Runs
Check back in soon for more information.