Sunday, July 2, 2017

Finding and Downloading Cloud Control Plugins Offline

Hi folks

A quick blog about Enterprise Manager.  I am putting a blog together about Data Masking, and one of the things I need for that is the Cloud Control

So I have an existing Cloud Control but in order to use it to data mask an EBS 12.2 system,  the Cloud Control needs to be at R13.1, so I need to upgrade it  ( Yes, I know, a pain )

So I downloaded R13 of the cloud control and it tells me I cannot upgrade until I have the R13 plugin for E-Business Suite.

However, I cannot download it - as the OEM downloads page on OTN no longer has the plugins on it.   The recommended way in the documentation is to use the Self-Update feature.

But this got me wondering - is there another way to do it ?   Can we get the plugin without resorting to any of that, i.e. having to do a long and complex start, stop, connect to the Internet

Let's see.

The Catalog which OEM downloads for Self-Update, is a well-publicised patch and can be manually downloaded.  So let's go and get it, and see what there is to see.

We see from Note 1388143.1 how to get it :

When we get the zip file and open it

We are looking for 13.1 plugins so click in there

Now let's get the plugin XML,  so view it :

We can see from this large XML file that every plugin is detailed.  What we want is the E-Business Plugin, and the patch number details 

\If we search then we find 

<![CDATA[Enterprise Manager for Oracle E-Business Suite consists of System Management and Change Management Feature Sets]]>
 Oracle E-Business Suite Plug-In Release Read Me

And at the very end of that XML EntityInstance we find 

The important thing here is the Files= tag, so if we search Metalink for that 23643778 

There is one file, so download it and examine : 

Inside that zip file is a readme : 

 Oracle E-Business Suite Plug-In Release Read Me


So that is how it is done !  

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