Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Audit Vault Agent Config Part 1

When running the verifier you are asked to export an env variable = testdba/password

of course it should be


and now avorcldb verify works

otherwise you get a username invalid error. Small typo, but reinforces the "just-out-the-door" thinking behind it .

So you are fed up with Oracle Configuration Manager

This little beastie gets installed when you run opatch now. Most of you have no need whatsoever for it. So let's get rid of it :

Metalink Note 369111.1 has the answer but in True Oracle Fashion they didn't test it properly on all platforms

They did it on Linux, but the answer they give on Windows fails for me [ they wrote up something for Windows in cscript vbs ]

however it works quite nicely if you do

cd %ORACLE_HOME%\ccr\bin

deploypackages -d %ORACLE_HOME%\ccr\inventory\core.jar

And no more OCM.

Installing Audit Vault on Windows 2003 install :

All went well for the initial phase but failed 80% of the way through. The message it complains of is being unable to find or lock ewallet.p12 in the installation log, and you can spend a very long time trying to debug this. In fact it is completely misleading, the actual problem was that I had selected avadmin as the Audit Vault Administrator name, when this comes to run the installer it conflicts much much later with a predefined username; to fix this it's necessary to remove every trace of that install

by :

1: sc delete all the services just installed
2: regedit to delete all oracle keys
3: edit path and PERL5lib to remove all oracle references
4: remove c:\program files\oracle
5: remove the oracle home, flash and data directories.

Now you can run the installer again !

this time I picked avaultadmin as the admin name and it went through just fine !