Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Installing Audit Vault on Windows 2003 install :

All went well for the initial phase but failed 80% of the way through. The message it complains of is being unable to find or lock ewallet.p12 in the installation log, and you can spend a very long time trying to debug this. In fact it is completely misleading, the actual problem was that I had selected avadmin as the Audit Vault Administrator name, when this comes to run the installer it conflicts much much later with a predefined username; to fix this it's necessary to remove every trace of that install

by :

1: sc delete all the services just installed
2: regedit to delete all oracle keys
3: edit path and PERL5lib to remove all oracle references
4: remove c:\program files\oracle
5: remove the oracle home, flash and data directories.

Now you can run the installer again !

this time I picked avaultadmin as the admin name and it went through just fine !



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