Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Setting Up Employee Self Service V2 - Part 1

Following my last post, it's time to start setting up our system so that we can implement E-Business Mobile Solutions !

To get up and running we follow the tutorial at http://www.oracle.com/webfolder/technetwork/tutorials/cloud/MCS_Packaged_Apps/EBS%20Self-Service%20Apps/ebs-self-service/ebs-self-service-v2.html#section5s2

Here's a generic picture from the tutorial of what it all looks like; we need to take all the pieces below and configure them

There are several steps to do and we will blog as we go.   The mobile application will call Mobile Cloud Service , which will in turn call an Integration back to  E-Business Suite which will invoke the relevant functions in E-Business Suite.

We will start from the left hand side and this will encompass four tasks

  1. Configure the EBS Instance
  2. Configure EBS to work with  ICS
  3. Set up ICS
  4. Configure ICS Users and Roles 
  5. Download and Install the ICS On-Premises Agent. 
Once that is done we will blog some more about setting up ICS and MCS, and then finally we will look at the UI.

There is a big zip file to download that has the code and data for the tutorial, so download and unzip it to a folder.
On to the next post, what to do with the database data 
Thanks for Reading 

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