Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Setting Up Employee Self Service Mobile V2 - Part 3a EBS Screen Configurations.

Continuing our series on looking into the newest version of Oracle's EBS Mobile Applications,  we now move on to Part III - in which we amend EBS Vision Payroll Configuration so it makes for a reasonable demo.

First thing to do is set the payroll for 30 years :

  1. Navigate to HRMS Management, Vision Corporation > HRMS Manager &g; Payroll > Description.
  2. Once in the Payroll dialog, press the F11 key, enter OTM Vision Weekly in the Name field, and press Ctrl+F11.
  3. Change the value of the Number of Years field to 30.
  4. Select File > Save.
  5. On the next box press Update.

File/Exit Oracle Applications.  

Now for the Preferences 

  1. Navigate to the US OTL Application Developer, Vision Corporation > Preferences page.
  2. From the main menu, double-click the Preferences function, type PackagedApps-Payroll as the name of the node, and save the change.
  3. Right-click the new PackagedApps-Payroll node, select New, enter Alternate Name as the name of the node, and save.
  4. Select the new node.
  5. In the Preferences field, enter Self-Service Timecard Alternate Name Set Defined for a User.
  6. In the Preference Values field, enter Vision OTL Elements - Enabled and click OK.

Note that steps 4,5,6 are all selecting from a list; there is no  direct entry . Once you have it all correct it should look like 

Now do file/save and repeat the entries 3-6 above for all ove the other entries required. 

This  will take about 15 mins per the instructions 

Now : 

  1.     On the Preferences form, click the Eligibility Criteria tab on the Preferences form and enter a blank query (Ctrl+F11).
  2.     Click in the first empty row and create a new record with the following values:
  3.         Name of rule: Payroll Rule
  4.         Name of Branch: PackagedApps-Payroll
  5.         Link By: Payroll
  6.         Linked to: OTN Vision Weekly
  7.         Precedence: Use any unique number that has not been entered on the form. You should enter a high number, such as 10000, because the precedence is calculated in descending order.
  8.     Save and close the form.
If tis done right it should look like 

Assign the Accrual Plan to the Test Users

  1. For every accrual plan there is a recurring element created with the same name as the accrual plan. This element needs to be attached to the assignment from the element entry screen.

  2.     Navigate to HRMS Management, Vision Corporation > HRMS Manager > People > Enter and Maintain.
  3.     Find the test user using the first and last names. (See the 01_seed_test_users.sql script for their full names)
  4.     Navigate to Assignment > Entries (or) Fastpath > Element Entries.
  5.     Add elements by clicking in the first empty row and creating a new record with the following values:
  6.         Element Name - Sick Time Accrual, Processing Type - Recurring
  7.         Element Name - Vacation Accrual, Processing Type - Recurring
  8.         Element Name - Family Medical Leave, Processing Type - Recurring
  9.     Select File > Save

Repeat until all test employees are done ( why they could not just do this with a bunch of PL/SQL APIs I do not know 

That is enough for one blog.  Tomorrow I will blog about fixing OTL .  A basic step and hopefully should go according to the manual.  

So far we have been OK, just minor fixings. 

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