Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Setting up opatchauto credential files

In order to have to avoid setting in passwords every time we do opatchauto we can build a credential file :

[oracle@ebscloud patches]$ /u01/oracle/oms12104/oms/OPatch/wlskeys/ -h $ORACLE_HOME -location .
Please enter weblogic admin server username: weblogic
Please enter weblogic admin server password:
Creating the key file can reduce the security of your system if it is not kept in a secured location after it is created. Creating new key...

Trying to get configuration and key files for the given inputs...
This operation will take some time. Please wait for updates...
User configuration file created: /home/oracle/patches/config
User key file created: /home/oracle/patches/key
'createKeys' succeeded.

Now create the small file needed the property file to point at these, lets call it wlsprops
You need the admin server URL for the first one, you can get this from emctl status oms -details and replace https with t3s 


So this can now be used with our Enterprise Manager patching

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