Monday, January 5, 2015

How to Connect to the Cloud Control

So your fantastic System Administrators have installed the cloud control for you.
In the previous post we showed you how to start the cloud control and check it is up.

Now we can show you how to log on to it !

From the previous post I showed you how to get the URL for the Cloud Control

Open a browser and enter your URL into the address bar

now enter the sysman userid = SYSMAN and the assigned password

press Enter and eventually ( can take several errors and retries if it is a slow oms and a slow link )

Note that different home pages can show up if you selected a different one to appear when you first logged in, but its easy to change to whichever one matters to you. 

How to find out what version of cloud control you are running ... Click your username in the top right hand corner, and in the ensuing menu click About Enterprise Manager

If you want to log out of the Cloud Control ( you should always log out as your credentials can be very powerful giving you unlimited access ) 

at the top right corner you can see your username SYSMAN or whatever, click it, then the menu pops out, click  Log Out 

We can see we have been logged out.   IN the next post we will look at patching the Cloud Control to add all the latest updates.

Happy New Year


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