Saturday, January 17, 2015

Downloading And Applying our patches to Cloud Control ( Part 4 - Agent Patches )

OK  so let's log on to CLoud Control and thus to the Site Map

Click into patching and provisioning/patches and updates at the bottom left
This brings us to this window

Enter 20109357  ( we get this patch ID from the 1900943.1 note  it is the master note for this ) 

Once the patch appears in the list, open it, and click on Add to Plan/Add to New 
Pick the Server you want and give the plan a name - such as AGENT_PATCHPLAN_1 above 
then create plan.  Click into the plan and scroll down to Validation, then ANALYZE 

this takes a couple of minutes but 
Click into Review and Deploy on the left, and down on the right click DEPLOY

Now click Submit 
On the page it changes to Deploy in Progress.  Click into Show Details Results 

After about 5 minutes it should show OK and patch completed after stopping and restarting the agent

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