Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Patching the Cloud Control - Part 1 - What Patches to Apply.

In looking at Oracle's fantastic Enterprise Manager Product we should get the usual "Update to Latest Patchsets" out of the way first.  This is relevant because Oracle update OEM very fast ( its better than it used to be so we are taking full advantage ! )

We consider here our repository database to be up-to-date, so updates here refer only to the OMS components

For the Cloud Control How do We Do that ?

Part 1 : OMS

metalink points the way, usually

and a quick search points out

Master Index for Cloud Control Agent Installation, Upgrade and Patching (Doc ID 1363767.1)

and this lovely document points us to 

793512.1  - Release Schedule of Current Enterprise Manager Releases and Patch Sets

Since I am on Linux x86-64 and on this lovely document tells me my OMS is at the latest version. 

But it also links to 822485.1  Oracle Recommended Patches (PSU) for Enterprise Manager Base Platform (All Releases)

And this tells me that the latest patchset ( at time of writing Jan 2015 ) is Enterprise Manager Base Platform Patch Set Update (PSU) which can be found at 

If we look at that we find  

This PSU1 is an OMS patch only.
This PSU1 can be installed on top of Enterprise Manager Base Platform

So we'll look at that in our next steps and how to do that.   
But that is the OMS Side Patch 

Agent-Side Patches 

Let's look at 
Enterprise Manager (PS3) Master Bundle Patch List for Agent and Plug-ins (OMS and Agent side) (Doc ID 1900943.1)

This tells us we need the patch for 

System Patch at Ml Note Patch 20188140

and we need the latest agent patch Patch 19513382

So that should be the set of patches we will need to do.   In the next phase we will show how to do this. 

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