Monday, June 22, 2015

Using Azure at Command Line - Getting Started

Part 1.   Account Download.

at command line do azure account download

[root@ebscloud ~]# azure account download
info:    Executing command account download
info:    Launching browser to
help:    Save the downloaded file, then execute the command
help:      account import
info:    account download command OK
[root@ebscloud ~]#

Open a browser and you will see

A download file for a .publishsettings  link will appear at the bottom; copy it and move it to the location of the Azure CLI 

[root@ebscloud ~]# azure account import ./.publishsettings
info:    Executing command account import
info:    account import command OK
[root@ebscloud ~]#

Now when you do Azure account list you will see some rows ! 

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