Friday, June 19, 2015

Upgrading to Cloud Control Part II

OK I had left you upgrading cloud control

THis took approximately 2.5 hours to run through all the steps, but eventually

[root@ebscloud oms]# ./

Starting to execute .........

Starting to execute /u01/oracle/oms12105/oms/ ......
Running Oracle 11g script...

The following environment variables are set as:
    ORACLE_OWNER= oracle
    ORACLE_HOME=  /u01/oracle/oms12105/oms

Enter the full pathname of the local bin directory: [/usr/local/bin]:
The file "dbhome" already exists in /usr/local/bin.  Overwrite it? (y/n)
[n]: y
   Copying dbhome to /usr/local/bin ...
The file "oraenv" already exists in /usr/local/bin.  Overwrite it? (y/n)
[n]: y
   Copying oraenv to /usr/local/bin ...
The file "coraenv" already exists in /usr/local/bin.  Overwrite it? (y/n)
[n]: y
   Copying coraenv to /usr/local/bin ...

Entries will be added to the /etc/oratab file as needed by
Database Configuration Assistant when a database is created
Finished running generic part of script.
Now product-specific root actions will be performed.
/etc exist
Finished execution of  /u01/oracle/oms12105/oms/ ......

[root@ebscloud oms]#

OK so that is all fine. 

Points to remember :  the details above can be found in OMS_HOME/install/setupinfo.txt. 

So let's try and log on to the new cloud control 

we can see we now have 

Finally edit our start environment script 

export ORACLE_BASE=/u01/oracle/
export ORACLE_HOME=/u01/oracle/oms12105/oms

and we are done.   In a later blog we will looking at updating agents and all the other boring tedium of finishing out the upgrade. 

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