Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Part 1 - Requirements for E-Business Single Sign On with Identity Cloud Service

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In thes posts I will write up what was needed to enable E-Business Suite have Single Sign On with Identity Cloud Service.

First - Prerequisites,  Not Covered in this

1.  Fully working and Certified E-Business Suite Installation.  R12.1.3 or R 12.2.x.  I tested with Release 12.2.6 Demo Vision Instance from the E-Delivery templates but you are welcome to use any version you like,

2. This MUST be configured to use an TLS 1.2 endpoint with a Valid, Signed Certificate - i.e. when you browse to E-Business you must use SSL and it must be signed by a proper certifying Authority.  I had a lot of problems and did not use self-signed certificates, I used a 3rd party certificate, and all was well.

3.  You need an Identity Cloud Service ; you can sign up for one in a trial, or use a credit card to purchase one.   It's assumed you have administrative access to this.

4.  You need a host to run Weblogic; the code that makes all this work ( the asserter) is deployed in Weblogic.   This can be anything you want  - I used a standalone Linux box but feel free to use anything hanging around.   Be aware that this, too will need a hostname and a signed 3rd party certificate for this.   These two certificate requirements can be tedious to obtain to set up a demonstration, and formed the major part of the issue with this run-through.

5. It's assumed you know how to setup a Weblogic Domain , configure it to use SSL and so forth, familiarity with the Java toolset is required.

6. Download a recent version of Java and Weblogic from Oracle.com website, log on to your linux host, and let's get going.

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