Wednesday, December 21, 2016

new features in MCS 16.4.5

Hi folks

After a frenetic couple of weeks at UKOUG I can get back to blogging .  As some of you know I have been doing a lot of work with E-Business and Mobile enablement recently.
The new features list of Mobile Cloud service came out just recently and I want to share it with you. Let's explore it over the next few weeks !

Want to write an API in less than five minutes without writing a single line of code? Start with your sample data, then auto-create APIs with all the methods and endpoints you need. With the Express API path, you can create mock APIs and get your client developers started on building apps right away, without having to wait for the APIs to actually be implemented. Service developers can then use the mock API as a blueprint for implementation in JavaScript with Node.JS. The API Builder provides a fully integrated API design, authoring, mock, and implementation service, all in once place.

I think this will provide a really quick way to get up and running with MCS 

Does your company use a third party identity provider? No need to sync that provider with MCS’s SIM, thanks to our new virtual user feature. Simply obtain a SAML token, then exchange it for an MCS token to access MCS APIs.

This will continue the work in enabling integration with Enterprise single sign on suites. 

Mobile Cloud Service is now integrated with Syniverse, which allows you to send SMS messages to your mobile app users irrespective of platform.

 Another really obvious offering and well done for providing it. 

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