Thursday, May 2, 2013

Connecting to Work Repository in ODI

One problem I had run into when connecting to ODI was being unable to connect to a work repository remotely.  After debugging this problem it came down to the fact that the hostname resolution was not what was expected; I was using an IP address to connect and this was what was causing the issue.

When ODI Studio has a connection created,  for the master repository it uses the JDBC Url you type in , which is OK as :port:sid

However when it comes to connecting to the Work repository, the studio goes back to the server, and downloads the JDBC URL connection information for it from the Master Repository.   This URL has the hostname for the database server embedded, NOT the IP address, and if you cannot resolve the hostname , you won't be able to connect to the database server; thus Work Repository Connections will fail.

There are two resolutions

1: Enable NS resolution of the db server, either via hosts file or DNS
2:  Edit the Repository definition of the URL via clicking into the Work Repository Definition from the Master, clicking the plug icon, then JDBC , then editing the host= to be host=IP ADDRESS. 

Once either of these are done, then it will work like a top !

The symptom of this issue is ODI-10182

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