Friday, March 8, 2013

Adding a Connection Pool to OBIEE


Some recommendations

If you're adding an Oracle Connection Pool the tendency is to use the TNS Alias.   This implies, though , the following problems

1: Admin Client needs the TNS Entry ( AND addition of TNS_ADMIN environmental variables into the Windows Envars, which you may not have Admin access to do on your workstation ).... sooo how to fix

2:  Server needs the TNS entry in $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin, where Oracle_HOME=MW_HOME/Oracle_BI1 - e.g.

Means you have a pain keeping them in sync, especially as databases get created/added etc

Easy  fix : just use the  full connection string in the connection pool DS string


( all on one line ) .   Now you don't have to maintain anything  !   YES a 10gRAC string will be long but  it's a simple copy and paste

FINALLY.   If you are adding a Connection POOL SAVE the definition and Check it IN before importing Metadata.

Ran into a problem on the import that locked the CP definition as checked OUT  and had to bounce nqsserver - nqserror 36004

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