Friday, December 28, 2012

Upgrading OBIEE to

Hi :

Re the  above

basic steps

1 : download OBIEE from edelivery
2:  shutdown everything
3:  run the main installer as software only
4: run PSA to upgrade the database bits  ( both MDS and BIPLATFORM )
5:  now for both main OPMN and WT OPMN
6: now run WLST to execute
7: now upgrade catalogs via setting upgradeandexit=true in instanceconfig.xml,restart sawserver, change the flag back and bounce sawserver again
8:edit the BIADMINISTRATOR principle and add the extra permissions

The documentation is incorrect

if you are starting from jumps you past the required steps 6,7,8 above ... just something to watch out for ...
Correct Post-Patch for OBIEE is

enjoy !

Happy new year if not blogging before then.

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